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PRIVATE yoga classes

Private Yoga Classes South East London

Bring the Room of Rest into your home.  A private yoga class, nidra or sound therapy session tailored to your specific needs and worked into your existing schedule.  Available to you online or in-person. 


Use these sessions to get comfortable with yoga, deepen your own practice, relieve symptoms of burn out, work through injuries or become more flexible and mobile.


Benefits of a private yoga class:


  • A tailored class to help you get the most out of your practice.

  • Specific modifications of poses tailored to your needs.

  • Get comfortable with the practice before entering a class environment.

  • Work on practical techniques that you can use in everyday life to help reduce stress.

  • Have a dedicated teacher to answer your questions and work with you on your goals. 

See the options below for online (worldwide) and in-person Yoga Classes(South East London).


Feel free to contact me directly via email for further information.

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